What To Know Before You Get A Tattoo

Tattoo designs. Review plenty of books (remember the library? There are MANY books there with some amazing unique designs), articles, or websites are written by tattoo artists in which they discuss what they think makes a good layout. Stop in at the tattoo parlor near you and look at the flashes (paper drawings or pictures of designs that hang on the walls), or ask to see a portfolio. This will give you an idea of some design styles.

RESIST the temptation to get a tattoo at this time! Maybe look into calisthenics Bar Brothers workout and review and then think about tattooing yourself. Please remember, the design you choose will be with you for the rest of your life. You will want to make sure you get a tattoo that represents the real you, and that it is meaningful. Getting a tattoo is not an impulse decision. If you plan on adding more tattoos at a later time, this would be a good opportunity to think about what theme you want them to represent.

The making of a tattoo

A high quality tattoo originates from a simple, uncluttered design. After you get to this point, start looking at the world around you, and all of the design ideas in it. T-shirts, other people’s tattoos, advertisements, cartoons, can all offer inspiration. It is always wise to bring a picture of what you want to your tattoo artist.

This will help him accurately recreate the design from the beginning stages forward. Tattoo artists are incredibly talented, but they can’t read your mind. To help ensure the exact design you are looking for, assist the artist any way you can. You don’t want to leave the shop without what you imagined because you were not communicating properly. It is also possible that your artist will refer you to another after he sees your design idea. It has nothing to do with his opinion on your design, just that he thinks someone else’s style may be a better fit for your design.

Finding an artist

After narrowing your search to a few artists, see if you can visit their shop, or talk with them before making your appointment. It is critical that you are entirely comfortable with the artist, and that they are properly trained and licensed. Also, look around the shop. Does it look clean? How are the restrooms kept? Are there current inspection certificates displayed? And of course, ask friends and family about their experiences.

Some tips about your session

You want to be prepared for the cost. Ask about pricing. Some pricing may have a little room for negotiation, but be prepared to accept the fact that this is not the case. There is nothing wrong with saying you need some time to save up the money for your visit. It is a general rule to tip 10%, but feel free to go up to 20%-25% for a job well done. Keep this in mind while you are saving up your money. It is OK to cancel or postpone your appointment if you are not sure you want to proceed. Don’t worry about what someone thinks; it’s likely that deep down, they will respect you for making a decision that is right for you. It wouldn’t hurt if you had someone else drive too, one less thing to worry about.

Just be sure to do your research, and make sure you trust your artist and his design before you move forward. The tattoo is permanent, and you want to be comfortable before you get inked.


5 Sexiest Thigh Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Honestly, there isn’t much to say here.

Any tattoo you could get would be made sexy under where it was located on your body (i.e. your thigh). The only thing you need to keep in mind is not to get anything that upsets the natural intimacy of said bare leg.

Anything cartoony or gross is off-limits.

With that in mind, here are a few ideas for tattoos that aren’t.

  1. Roses and Assorted Objects

In the Victorian flower language, Roses symbolize beauty, compassion, and love. With that in mind, getting a few roses on your thigh along with an item could mean that you love what that thing signifies. That, or you think that what the piece says is beautiful.

A slight warning. Be careful what you mix in with the rose symbolism. Guns, for example, symbolize war and violence, so putting them together could mean that either a) you love violence or b) too much love could kill you.

Either way, it’s a conversation starter.

  1. Peacock

IMG_4482.CR2Imagine it.

Up by the junction of your legs is the purple head, glaring disdainfully out at whoever dares stare too long. Its purple body spills down your upper thigh, and then from its back cascades a waterfall of feathers in a myriad of different colors.

It could span the entirety of your leg if you so choose. You wouldn’t even have to get it all done at once; it would be easy to add more feathers as the years go by.

It would hurt, yes, but it would be worth it.

  1. Octopus

Yeah, yeah, I am aware of the deluge of ‘Octopussy’ jokes that will no doubt follow this suggestion, but it’s still a valid one. Octopi are noted for their flexibility, intelligence, and voraciousness, so if that’s the kind of symbol you want on your body then go for it.

Besides, if it came to that, you could cheerfully inform any catcallers that octopi have razor-sharp beaks that they use to tear prey into tiny little pieces.

Give them a second; they’ll get it.

  1. Flowers

A vine of vibrant flowers twirling down your leg is sure to spark both compliments and interesting conversation. Add a few birds are swooping around them for even more of a ‘wow’ factor.

I would avoid adding a honeybee in there purely for the sake of preventing any ‘sweet nectar’ or ‘honeypot’ jokes. They might make you laugh the first time, but it gets old real quick. Especially since that kind of humor is unerringly pervasive throughout North America.

You might get a few dedicated utterances of one of them purely because of the flowers, but stay active.

  1. Lace

If you want to get the full sexy effect, then nothing says ‘sexy’ quite as well as a band of lace circling your mid-to-high thigh. Sexy when you want it to be, classy when you don’t, it’s the ultimate symbol of being in control of yourself.

For even more effect, you could sketch it out to match the pattern of your favorite lingerie outfit!

Ink Away! My personal reference is tone your legs before inking. Check out this how-to get skinny legs website to get yourself started.

I hope these suggestions have helped you in your quest to finding the perfect tattoo for you.

If not, fear not! There are endless ideas, designs, and variations out there. And if you can’t find one you like, find an artistic friend

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